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December 15, 2001-Why We Support Isreal


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December 15, 2001

Why We Support Israel

Before I get started let me say that usually when I post a picture that relates to an article I put it above the article. However I have in this case saved it for the end. So I ask the reader to please not scroll down until he finishes reading.

So why do we support Israel? I mean they have no oil, no natural resources. Trade is about normal. I would hardly say we make tons of money from that trade. In fact I would venture to say that most of the money that is made in and from Israel is from tourism. And lets face it lately things have made that industry fall upon hard times.

A Shared Love of Freedom

Well for starters they are the ONLY democratic republic in the entire Middle East. Thats right folks the ONLY one! That being said let us view this free republic. I can think of nowhere else in the Middle East where one can worship, or practice ones religion as one chooses. It would have been a simple matter for Israel to just declare a Jewish State and all others need not apply, so to speak. It is Israel that allows the practicing of Judaism, Christianity and yes, Islam. Try carrying a bible in most any other Mid-eastern nation and youre likely to wind up in jail. Saudi Arabia comes to mind, which sad to say is considered an ally. Speaking of freedom, try speaking your mind in some of these other nations. Unless it is sanctioned by the current administration of that particular country, well youd be better off keep your tongue-tied and your thoughts to yourself. Come to think of it when was the last time you may have seen an anti-government rally in, oh, say Egypt? In fact most rallies in the Mid-East seems to always be an anti-American, or anti-Israeli rally, which is not only sanctioned by that nations government it is usually sponsored by the them as well. Somehow in my mind it makes sense to support a democratic nation such as Israel.

A Shared Religious Bond and Heritage

OK yes, the primary religion that is practiced in Israel is Judaism. However Christians from all over the world come to visits the Holy sites wherein Christ walked and preached His message of a New Covenant with G-d. In fact what is called the Old Testament in the Christian bible is in reality the Torah that is so revered by the Jews. It is out of this Judeo-Christian heritage that the founding fathers of this very nation brought forth the beginnings of a new nation to secure the BLESSINGS of liberty for ourselves and our posterity. I would say with certainty that we might be indebted to Judaism as a precursor to our own religious freedoms. Guided by both the teachings of the Old and New Testaments alike the pilgrims first set foot on Plymouth Rock and thus began the journey that would someday become America.

A Peaceful Deterrent

A strong Israel is a stabilizing factor in the Mid-East. How so you may ask? Think of it this way. A nation that is quite capable of defending itself is not going to be attacked. When was the last time Israel was attacked by a foreign nation? I believe it was in the 1973 war to be exact. And after initial setbacks they utterly destroyed both Egypts and Syrias military capability. In fact if my memory serves me well, they were halted by pressure from the United States, less than some 70 miles from Damascus. Yes there is now violence in the Mid-East, but it frosted from such groups as Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. It is not the Israelis that have started a war, nor incited violence.

A Partner in the War Against Terrorism

For close to a year now the violence in Israel has been escalating. During this time the United States has in many instances asked the Israeli government to show restraint by not retaliating against those that sponsor these acts of terrorist aggression. About two weeks ago suicide bombers killed some 20 Israeli citizens and injured many more. As recently as this past Wednesday more Israeli citizens were killed and wounded in another terrorist action. However it was the former action that forced Israels hand. The Bush Administration and American foreign policy makers could hardly ask for a show of restraint when they themselves are involved an in current war against terrorism. Suddenly we find ourselves with a major ally that have stepped up to the table.

There is No Compromise

Get this into your heads. Mr. Arafat and his thugs are not, repeat, not interested in a Palestinian to co-exist with Israel. Not now, not ever, period! Instead they want its total destruction. So it comes as no surprise that since day one of the Oslo accords the Palestinians have done little or nothing to meet there requirements of the this treaty.

Mr. Arafat has done absolutely nothing, except use show gestures to control his thugs. In fact he claims that he cannot control them or their actions. Hmmmm, one finds it amazing that between Hamas and the Islamic Jihad there are approximately some two thousand people. Mr. Arafat has at his disposal a Para-military security force of some several thousand. They for the most part outnumber these thugs by some five to one. Do the math! Additionally when theses thugs are brought to justice they are in and out in a matter of days. I must make note here that as of December 13, 2001, the Israeli cabinet has pretty much rendered Mr. Arafat a non-entity. They had declared that they will no longer recognize him as a leader or a representative of the Palestinian people. This is a brilliant stroke of genius for it places Mr. Arafat in the position of either openly joining with his thugs or slinking off to the setting sun. Any hope he had ever had of being a power in a Palestinian State is gone. To put it bluntly he has been placed on the trash heap of unimportance.

Many reports have come out of Islamic schools about textbooks there that teach hatred of Israel. Oh yeah, it is sort of a cloaked hatred but it is hatred nonetheless. Palestinian children, some as young as 4 years old are indoctrinated with this hatred of Jews and Israel. Where is the UN cries of Racism? This writer well remembers the UN Conference on Racism earlier this year. You folks remember the one dont you? Basically it came down to anti-American and Anti-Israeli rhetoric. Yet not one of the atrocities that have been committed against Israel were brought to light. NOT ONE! As I said the Israelis and the U.S. were condemned, but this material for another article on another day.

The Picture

If all of this information still has not convinced you the reader as the why we need to support a strong Israel perhaps the picture located below, that I had mentioned in the beginning of this article will do it for me. I scanned it from the Tuesday, December 11, 2001 edition of the NY Post. I hope they dont mind. THIS is what organizations such as Al Queda, Hamas, and the Islamic Jihad are really all about.
Editor BCC