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The Blue Collar Consevative Arhcives
December 09, 2001-My Generation


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December 09, 2001

My Generation

In 1945 the Second World War had ended, and American GIs starting returning home. They began to pick up their lives, by starting or returning to college. Many began to raise families. Those of us that were the results of these couplings have been titled the baby boomer generation.

Our parents remembering the hard times prior to the war decided that they would make sure that we would never have to endure the hardships that they themselves had during the depression. So they lavished upon us many things. Yes we were spoiled, but what they did, they did out of love. They wanted a better life for those who would follow them and eventually take the reins of power.

However, we became ungrateful. We rebelled. And when those of my generation that went to serve in a far off country called Vietnam, we called our own brethren baby killers. We hardly welcomed them home with the honor that was due them.

Additionally during this time many social policies were being formatted on American campuses across this nation. It was these policies that had brought us to a point of cultural war prior the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001.

Now we find ourselves involved in a war against these terrorists. My generation are the leaders of this nation. This is our time now. This is our challenge. It is our turn to rise to the occasion, put aside all differences and realize that we are truly one people, one nation under G-d indivisible. Should we fail in this mission, I believe the world will become a very cold and dismal place. Freedom will wither away and eventually die. We were once called the Arsenal of Democracy. Let us now be recognized as the Arsenal of Freedom.
Rich W
Editor BCC