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The Blue Collar Consevative Arhcives
July 20, 2002-Bush Bashing Democratic Tool


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                                                          July 20 2002


                                            Bush Bashing-Democratic Tool



Recently, there has been a bit to-do about Presidents Bushs dealings in with the SEC several years ago. The wonderfully I am for the people Democrats are trying to make a connection between this and the current scandals that are making news headlines each day.  It seems to this author here that they are desperately attempting to score points in the minds of voters that the President cannot be trusted because of links to business.  They are using the current scandals to scare people.


Ok if this is going to be the standard then perhaps conservatives should start asking questions as well of their accusers.


For example, how come not ONE democrat is asking Terry Macaulife how it was that he made 18 million dollars with the investment of only some 300,000 in a company called Global Crossing which by the way went in the same direction as Enron and is no longer even in existence? Where was the SEC investigation of that? For that matter why hasnt Senator Joe Lieberman removed himself in the investigation of Enron considering he himself had ties to the company?  Why does Tom Dashcale make such a big deal of this in the first place considering his wife is a lobbyist for many fortune 500 companies?  Why doesnt the left leaning media ask these questions?


For the record, when the SEC investigated President Bush they found nothing, absolutely nothing that indicated anything unlawful or unethical.  In fact the truth be told then Mr. Bush sold the stocks at $4.00/share. Yes the stock dove after that to $2.00/share, but later rebounded to about $8.00/share. So if he had had any insider news, why not wait until it went there? And unlike Global Crossing, Harkin is still in business.


On last thought on all of this; the same investigator that started the whitewater probe is the same investigator into all of these current scandals.  How the Democrats love him now! How fast things change, amazing is it?


Editor BCC