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The Blue Collar Consevative Arhcives
October 19, 2002-Thoughts To Ponder Volume II


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October 19, 2002-Thoughts To Ponder Volume II

   October 19, 2002


                                            Thoughts to Ponder Volume II


This week gave me much food for thought. The news was of course dominated by the Washington DC sniper, or as Ron Kuby has dubbed him the tarot card killer. Then of course there was the revelation of North Koreas nuclear program. Mayor Bloomberg, of New York City, who has turned into a liberal wolf in conservative clothing, has proposed a ban on smoking in all bars, restaurants and public spaces.  I will look at each one of these issues separately.


                                                        Highs and Lows


The past week has seen the news about the Washington DC sniper go from promising, to back to square one. At the beginning of the week it appeared that several witnesses had come forward claiming to have seen a more detailed description of the alleged white van, and one witness that had said that he had had a confrontation with a man that had olive skin and was definitely agitated at being delayed trying to leave the parking lot, after a fatal shooting of an employee of the FBI.  Well, it turns out that the witness had filed a false police report and is now being charged with that and obstructing an ongoing investigation.  Why did that not surprise me? I honestly had a gut feeling that something like that had happened.  Secondly, the white or creame colored van could not actually be corroborated. So the police have sort of thrown that out.  And it seems the witnesses could not agree on all the details of the sniper or vehicle as to render any artist conceptions useless.  So what are we left with? Well very little.


However, I have heard on the talk radio shows, and have recalled reading about how most snipers work. This information comes from former snipers themselves or people that worked with them in the military. 


First off, most snipers work as a team. There is a spotter that pretty much selects an open area that has the most promising chance of success. Secondly there is the actual shooter, who pulls the trigger and gets the kill.   Third but in not all occasions there is a backup. Someone that guards the team, or in essence is the lookout So we are looking already at a team, which in turn indicates a conspiracy, which in turn still points, in my mind to Al Quaida, or a related splinter group or sympathizer, which means only one word- TERRORIST!


So while there may be little or disputable facts, the one thing that seems in my thoughts and remains constant is that, this is the work of a cell that has slept in the states for a good number of years. They also know the LOCAL streets and/or roads from wherein they operate.  They take advantage of the confusion, and literally sit tight while all hell breaks loose. There may be that white van that acts a decoy. It has been seen speeding away at many sites. Perhaps they choose areas that have those white vans and use it as a decoy even as the owner/driver of that van is unwittingly innocent of any knowledge of the sniper team.  Lets be honest here, there has to be thousands of those vans in the area. So creating havoc only serves to their advantage. As I said they let the area panic, and slowly drive off, leaving the authorities looking in the wrong direction.  This is what is called disinformation, or the forcing of your enemy to look elsewhere other than where he needs to look.  What better place to hide than out in the open? I have personally come to the conclusion that last place to look for someone or something is usually right under your nose, or in your own backyard.


                                                     I Am Shocked, Shocked, and Shocked!



This week has also seen some interesting news that hardly comes as a surprise.  Many conservatives had known that this would happen all along, but no one, especially the bleeding hearts of Hollywierd and the Media had a clue.  I am referring to the admitted nuclear bomb program that has been practiced by that dictatorial regime in North Korea. 


I had once, in an earlier article, said that it I would reserve comment on this subject for another day. Well that day has arrived! 


In a Op-ed piece  of September 1994, the New York Times heralded the deal that was brokered by then President Clinton and to a lesser degree former President Carter, (who by the way just won the Nobel Peace prize, sort of ironic now, no?), for the triumphant use of diplomacy in defusing a very tense situation in North Korea.  Recently as yesterdays New York Daily News, it was stressed as how the American public had no idea as to how close we had come to military confrontation with that rogue nation, had it not been for the efforts of the Clinton administration. 


Well surprise, surprise, surprise! 


The North Koreans have ADMITTED to be using the technology given to them by the United States to pursue the obtaining of fissionable materials in order to make nuclear weapons. This was based on an American intelligence report. 


I had said just as much many times, as had other conservatives. All one had to do was look at the dire poverty of the citizens of North Korea. Most of them live in little wooden shacks for goodness sakes! They are starving and eating what most people would call pets in this country. They are cooking over wood fires! Electricity indeed!  Most dont even have running water!  Did these liberal fools really believe that the North Koreans were going to use this technology to improve the conditions of their people? Apparently so, and now we have a rogue nation that has atomic weapons and a delivery system capable of delivering this weapon of mass destruction. Thank you very much you  gullible liberal fools for placing nations such as South Korea, Japan, and other surrounding nations at such risk. Not to mention placing the United States military personnel in danger. 


May the rest of the country NEVER trust another thing you say or do!


I might add here, that I wonder where were all those whacko enviro-MENTAL-lists, that oppose the peaceful pursuit of nuclear energy in the United States, but seemed to have had no problem, with America using its technology to help the poor and downtrodden people of North Korea uplift themselves from the dire poverty that was of course caused by the United States in the first place.  It amazes me how those voices are STILL silent!


Finally, according to one report that I had heard on the Sean Hannity radio show yesterday afternoon, the reactors that are now in place in North Korea are capable of producing enough fissionable material for the construction of some 65 nuclear bombs,,,,,,,,   PER YEAR!!!


Thanks again you fools! I bet the leaders of North Korea had a great laugh when the United States had signed that treaty, and had left the country. I can almost hear them now saying,,, stupid Americans! They honestly believe we will live up to the treaty. 


All of this just strengthens my resolve to take out Iraq!  We have already seen what one rogue nation is capable of doing. Do we wish to see another?


                                                    Our Friends, the Saudis?


I am as you know a very big supporter of President Bush. However there are times when I feel I need to take the current administration to task and here is one of those times. 


It has been well documented and is well known that the Saudis have no real love for America. They fund many terrorists. Have offered monetary compensation to the families of those that have killed themselves and the infidel in the name of Allah. And, have recently tried to drive up the price of oil, only to be foiled by the Russians who were asked to step up production by the United States.  Perhaps we should just invest more in that countrys (Russia) oil exportation and exploration, and tell the Saudis to take a flying leap and to stick their oil up where the sun doesnt shine. 


I also remember reading articles as to how UNITED STATES military personal are not allowed to have bibles in that little flea bag nation. And as to how the female members of the US Military are not allowed off-base without being accompanied by a male member of the military and are not allowed to dress in what would be civilian fashions here in this country. 


If I were President Bush I would simply remind and tell our friends that it is we that have saved their sorry butts from being overrun by Iraq, during the Gulf War of 1991, AND how it is the U.S. that has put them in power and how it is the U.S. that can take them OUT of power. In fact I would basically tell them that they have simply LOST control of the oil fields, allow them to keep their millions, that they have already made, and that the oil fields would be under NEW management, whose loyalty was definitely to the United States!


                                               The anti-smoking Nazis!


The last couple of weeks, here in NYC have seen Mayor Bloomberg, (the liberal!), propose legislation that would effectively ban smoking in ALL restaurants, bars, and all public spaces!  I have little to say other than this;


The increase in taxes between the state of NY and the City of NY have driven cigarette prices to an all-time high. The average price of cigarettes in NY State is about 7.50/pack. This in turn is causing a black market to grow. A very profitable one at that!


Couple this with the harsh draconian laws of the City of New York and one can see the restaurant, bar, and tourist industry taking a hit. Considering that the prior mayor, Mayor Giullani,  had restored NYC to a place of prominence. 


One last thought. IF the anit-smoking nazis would pay as much attention to the sale of drugs and the drug lords as they did the tobacco industries and their customers, the WAR ON DRUGS would have ended years ago!