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The Blue Collar Consevative Arhcives
March 07, 2002-Thugs, Murderers, And Nothing More


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                                                         March 07, 2002


                  Thugs, Murderers and Nothing More


This Past Week America suffered its highest military casualties to date.  This is and always has been an inseparable part of war; people die, people are killed.  However, the death of one Navy SEAL in particular was extremely gruesome.  A helicopter was forced down buy enemy fire. This young man was captured by the enemy and summarily executed in full view of his comrades in arms.  There was no quarter given, no thoughts of mercy either.  He was simply butchered. 


My question now is where is or was the IRC?  Where are those whinny assed liberals who still dont quite seem to understand that this is not an enemy that deserves any pity what so ever?  How come the question of this young mans rights under the Geneva convention were never brought into focus by the media? It seems to me these same bunch of everyone has rights EXCEPT, Americans, are more concerned with the health and welfare of a bunch of murdering thugs that would just as easily slit a liberal's throat as any one elses, than they are with supporting the US military in the field.


All of this is coming on the heels of the execution of the columnist from the Wall Street Journal, the late David Pearl, should serve as a notice to all of us that call ourselves Americans, race, color, and creed, that these people who go under the guise of freedom fighters, and other such terms of endearment are nothing more than a bunch of cowardly murderers. 


During the Second World War, the US Marines who were slowly and systematically marching across the pacific learned early on that their enemy was driven to fanaticism by a deliberate distortion of the bushedo warriors code.  They were told to fight to the last bullet, the last man, that capture was so disgraceful that honor and redemption could only be achieved by the killing of ones self in an act of suicide. As a result little quarter was ever given to the Marines upon capture. In fact little quarter was given on either side as a result of that distortion. The war became one dirty battle of kill or be killed, with very little chance of surrender.    These cruelties, which later became known to the world at the hands of the Japanese military, upon both military and civilians alike, have become the subject of much revisionist history writers. And perhaps someday I will elaborate more on this topic. However, it is now apparent that the same type of twisted warriors code seems to part of the terrorist way of thinking.  Kill all Jews, kill all Americans, and kill all those that do not follow or practice Islam.  It matters not if they are military personelor innocent civilians. Nor does it matter whether they are men women, or children.  It only matters that they are derving of death.


I know I am going to take a lot of heat on this, and frankly I do not really care, but I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that perhaps we grant little quarter as well. Unless they, those, murdering thugs, are so obliviously incapacitated as to be unable to cause any further damage I say just take out every last one of them.  One thing about a dead enemy, he stays dead...period!


BTW to all of you bleeding aid the enemy thinkers, I suggest you take your little latté cups of coffee, and your little thoughts on how to deal with this extremely evil enemy, (oh my goodness, I called evil, evil!), and bring them to the detainees in GITMO, and sit in a cage with them, perhaps they will at least allow you all to draw straws as to see which one of you will get his throat slit last.