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The Blue Collar Consevative Arhcives
Septmeber 29, 2001-Who Are These People?


Septmeber 29, 2001-Who Are These People?
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September 29 2001

Who Are These People?

There is a growing movement here in America. It started just days after the attack and destruction of the WTC, and the subsequent ending of some 7000 lives. Even as I write this there is an anti-war demonstration going on in Washington D.C. I am sure that there are probably smaller versions of the above going on all over the country.

Who are these people? Well they are the elitist academicians that are found on our college campuses. They are know-nothing, radio, TV and movie personalities. They are collectively known, as the Blame America Firsters They seek to lay the blame of the unprovoked attack by people filled with hate on us, that is to say the U.S. They continually point out that it was our bad foreign policy decisions, such as our unwavering support of Israel that brought this destruction upon American soil.

As of late I find myself looking at the TV or listening to the radio and hearing how we should entreat with these people, that they are misunderstood. What is there to understand? Its very simple. These extremists hate us! How hard is that to understand? They hate the way we live, the way we worship. They hate the fact that we view life as a God given right to pursue personal freedom and to improve the lives of our families.

I find the thinking process of the Blame America crowd very disturbing. In my mind their line of reasoning places America at the center of all the worlds problems. In their minds we are to blame for everything from global warming to slavery. We have been continually been imperialistic. And have caused all the suffering ever, period.

It is hard to believe that we are talking about the same country, when we explain to them that Americans are the most generous of people on the face of this earth. When there is disaster, which nation, which people is the first to respond? We have in the last decade come to the aid, militarily, in defense of the very Moslem nations that we are so condemned of causing suffering. It never, ever seems to occur to this crowd that it is the GOVERNMENTS of these little fleabag nations that bring the suffering upon their own citizens.

No I dont think we will ever get them to figure this out, so why bother? Let them rant, let them rave. Then perhaps someday we could ship them out to one of these nasty little corners of the world and see how long demonstrations and protest rallies are allowed to last. One only needs to remind them of Tianenman Square. Oh dang I forgot thats our fault too, we should have never encouraged democracy in such an enlightened nation as China.

I leave you with this Quote made by FDR during his State of the Union address on January 6, 1941;

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety".