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The Blue Collar Consevative Arhcives
Febuary 09, 2002-Who Are They Helping? Continued.


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February 09, 2002

Who Are They Helping? Continued

Last week I wrote about the anarchists that were protesting the World Economic Forum that meet over 4 days in New York City. I went on to say that they seem to be against everything that would improve the lot of many people in this world.

On Friday in the New York Post, in an article written by Deroy Murdock we see that some of the very people that claim to be for the people are really against the people. The article spoke about the decreased use of pesticides. It cited a report by the American Journal of Public Health wherein roaches and rodents were named as environmental triggers that either cause or intensify asthma among low-income black and minority children.
This fear of pesticides has resulted in the above cases almost doubling since 1980.

Such thinking has become all too common amongst the hoity-toity left. Environmentalists have decided that they with all their high type knowledge that it is better to sacrifice a few black children in the name of making the earth a safer place to live.

Allow me digress here.

When I was growing up I remember such childhood diseases such as measles, chicken pox and mumps. Before I was born the greatest fear a parent had, was the world Polio. At the end of the 19th century one of the most contagious diseases was consumption, now known as Tuberculosis Imagine if you will if these people, who do not support any form of research what-so-ever, (unless it either proves global warming or some great doom and gloom prediction) had existed during these times. It was thru medical science that all of these things were made a thing of the past Picture if you will the high cost of caring for victims of these dread diseases, the pain and the heartbreak of parents whose child is either taken away or crippled for life by them. Had such people existed during these times there would have certainly been such increases in these figures as the population of this country and the world increased. I also point out that thru science the dreaded disease known as smallpox was virtually wiped out by the use of pesticides in many third world countries due to vaccines and the development of pesticides. It has only been recently, since such pesticides have been banned from use, that an increase in that disease has been occurring.

Okay let me return.

It seems to me that I always hear from the left, the need to protect our children in such things as gun control and other such agendas that are dear to their hearts. I guess its ok to sacrifice some however for the betterment of rats and roaches, who apparently have more rights to life than inner-city children.

Once again, whom are they helping?

No one.