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The Blue Collar Consevative Arhcives
October 08, 2002-Thoughts to Ponder


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                                                                                                October 08, 2002


                                                    Some Thoughts to Ponder


                                                     A New Round of Terror?


I happened to be riding the train home from work this afternoon and began to think on the tragic sniping shootings that are going on the Washington DC area. My first thoughts are of prayer and strength to the families that have lost loved ones. My second thoughts were how this person that is committing all of these shootings is a very well trained marksman. This is no ordinary drug-related type shootings.  This is a skilled person, trained, in the business of dealing death. The latest shooting took place this morning. A 13 YEAR OLD BOY!  When I first heard of the killings over the weekend my first gut reaction was; Terrorist! Ok, I can hear the minds of a lot of people churning this over and over in their heads. Yes I can see you rolling your eyes.   But let us look at a few facts here.

1)     The shootings were random

2)     The victims were of no particular race, age, religious belief, or gender. In fact there is no common denominator that could link the victims into any set type of group.

3)     ALL of them were MURDERED, (for that is what it is) by one single shot. With the exception of the 13 year old boy, who at this writing is in serious but stable condition, leading one to conclude that the person or persons responsible for this has been very, very well trained.

4)     Also it seems that a new tape of Bin Laden had been released as of yesterday wherein he had once again stated that there were to be a new round of terror occurring soon.


So who would stand to benefit from all of these shootings?  Why terrorists of course.  What better way to strike fear into the hearts of the American public than by random acts of violence?  Also the weapon used was a version of the M-16, a rather highly accurate rifle. Finally the marksman as I have mentioned twice already are skilled, where better, other than the military or law enforcement could one be trained?  Al Queda Training camps, possibly? My only fear is this sort of thing can escalate into more serious acts of terror.


                                                        The Dovenicks


The entire above statement sort of ties into what I am about to comment on next. Over the weekend there was a demonstration of the new peace movement. I have christened these folks, the dovenicks. My generation had the peace nicks so we claimed that one already. But they are the same tired bunch of people, the trendoids, and the hollywierd types, the blame America Firsters, who basically believe in peace at ANY cost.


 Just dont harm us, go away and we can sit down and talk about all of this.


They honestly believe this stuff!  I just find them very hard to understand. They do not seem to fathom the idea that peace can only be achieved through strength. They think that anything can be negotiated.  Fine what happens when you run out of stuff to give? Where do they draw the line?  I believe they would gladly trade away their freedom, for peace. 


Now how does this tie in to the previous thought?  I have suggested that the acts of violence over the past weekend were in reality acts of terrorism. Perhaps if this can be proven, and the links established to Al Queda that most of these dovenicks would begin to see that the only way these terrorists want to bargain or negotiate is through death and destruction,,, OURS!