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The Blue Collar Consevative Arhcives
Septmeber 21, 2002 Cultrual Death


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                                       CULTURAL DEATH


As you by now may know I sometimes put forth ideas, theories etc. that are inspired by others.  Today I would like to discuss the concept of isms and western culture.

Bill Bennett in his excellent book The De-Valuing of America discusses the subject in great length.[1]  I would like to touch on this just a bit today.


Starting with the isms[2], we find that the liberal lefts view of western culture and American history in particular is filled with much bad isms.  There is racism, Euro-centrism, sexism etc. ad nauseam, you get the picture.  Basically they view American culture which descended from western culture as a culture filed with corruption, evil and oppressions. 


While it is true that American history is replete with many dark episodes, specifically slavery and the treatment of the American Indian, it is also a society that has spawned some of the greatest achievements in the history of the world.

In fact one of the greatest documents ever conceived was brought to life here in the United States.  I am referring to the United States Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights. 


The Bill of Rights a wonderful document that one-minute the left hides behind and the next endeavors to destroy.  And yet the very document itself allows for the very existence of the liberal left.


Western culture has brought forth enlightenment to a dark world.  During the renaissance, Italy led the way.  England made great strides towards representative government via the Magna Carta.  The very concept of democracy emerged from ancient Athens.


Just as there were dark episodes in history there were also bright ones.  The aforementioned Magna Carta, the Mayflower compact and the documents that were formed out of the Mayflower Compact, such as the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut written by Thomas Hooker and the Body of Liberties, which were adopted by the Massachusetts Colony are ancestors to the Bill of Rights.  The Emancipation Proclamation which changed the American Civil War from an issue of national dissolution to one of a great moral crusade to end a very dark period in American history known as slavery.  The Gettysburg Address which sought to focus on courage, and sacrifice for a cause much greater and nobler than the individual.  The Declaration of Independence that set the wheels in motion for a revolution that would rock the very foundations of the known world during the 18th century.


Yet many on the left see only an America that has contributed to misery.  They have set into motion a multicultural movement that has done nothing but polarize this nation.  We have become a nation of victims, of blaming another for our own misdeeds.  We are always pointing a finger at somebody else for our own failures.  But worst of all is we have gone from a melting pot to a pot filed with non-mixable ingredients.  We have gone from the American concept of the melting pot, all cultures blending it to one, to one of All cultures are as equal as another is, at the expense of losing the American culture and heritage.  We have left behind the idea of a shared unifying culture and have become a mishmash stuck together with a flimsy tape made of self-serving, self-interest groups.


But worst of all is the hypocrisy of multiculturalism.  Its so-called tolerance is only tolerant of ideas from the left.  Anything that resembles tradition, patriotism or Godly Values is immediately decried as reactionary, chauvinism or self-righteousness.  It is anything but tolerant. 


One last thought.  If the American culture is soooooo bad and soooooo oppressive, and soooooo intolerant, then why is it that soooooo many third world nations are struggling sooooo hard to emulate it? And sooooo many people want to immigrate here?

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