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The Blue Collar Consevative Arhcives
Febuary 23, 2002-Observations


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                                   February 23, 2002




Reparations Issue


Lately, over the last few years there has been a proposal made that reparations should be paid to black Americans for the slavery that their ancestors had to endure.  At first I said NO WAY! this is just as unfair and racist as any program that could be designed.  However, I have begun to think about this and decided I might just change my mind in this issue as long as some strings come attached to the program.


First off, in order to be sure that the payments are correct, all black American would have to document their direct lineage, at their own expense.  Once established only the head of the household would receive a one-time payment, at a predetermined amount.  Finally the monies would be issued in vouchers that could ONLY be used for payment for school tuition or education, period.  No new cars, no new homes, no luxuries.


This would serve to end a few problems. Number one, the race card could never be played again by anyone.  Such race baiters and agitators like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson would no longer have any issues to gripe about.  Number two, since the money could only be used to for education for any member of the family it would assure a quality education for any member or as many members of that family that wanted to use it.  This would in turn put an end to affirmative action the sacred cow of the liberal left and its boss the teachers unions.  Thirdly it may just reveal that the idea of vouchers is a workable solution to the education of all Americans. By showing, that in the hands of parents, the monies that used to go to local school boards, or the department of education, would be better well spent.


 The Buck Should Stop Here


I dont know how many people seen Kenny Lays wife on TV, crying poverty, but I for one was,,,well for lack of a better term,,,P/Oed!  These folks have more money than the average worker will ever have in a lifetime. Broke? Hardly!  Folks just sell your properties, and learn to live a little smaller.  You will still be doing better than 99% of all Americans. 


Secondly, Ken you said you had no idea what was going on?  Dang ken, in the words Harry Truman, the buck stops here! It was your job to know! You say you were duped?  Sorry, but once you were informed you should have and could have said something.  Instead you chose to cash in your holdings.  Im sorry Ken, but somehow I just cant feel sorry for you.  Its guys like you that give capitalism a bad name.


Murdering Thugs


To all of you liberal handwringers that were so concerned about the treatment of the detainees at Gitmo, has your opinion of these thugs changed one iota?  With the murder of David Pearl these people have shown the world that they do care one bit to reason with any civilized nation, at all, period.  I for one would not feel sorry if some of the, er, detainees were shot trying to escape.


All of the above brings me to President Bushs comments of the AXIS OF EVIL. There are sooooooo many people that are out there saying that he, and America are fanning the flames of war.  Let me ask you, if these nations, Iran, Iraq, and North Korea are not the embodiment of evil, then what is?   There are no gray areas here folks. These nations are oppressive dictatorships that care nothing for their own people let alone the people of the rest of the world. Saddam has gassed his own people. The leadership of North Korea, uses starvation to control its population. And we all saw what happened in Iran after the Shah was forced to flee.  Violent purges of the entire population.  Where is the good in these nations? Where is the decent and humanitarian here? Did I miss it?  When was the last time the IRC, visited these nations? When were they EVER condemned in the UN? The answer is, simply, they dont exist in these places nor will you ever hear about them either.


Secondly, would you handwringers rather that these nations have the nuclear capability to destroy cities?  American cities.  Cities where you and your children live?  Even the ability to deliver a Hiroshima type bomb, would be devastating.  Or perhaps, the ability to deliver other weapons of mass destruction appeals to you folks.  The fact is, is that these nations are betting they can develop these weapons and would have very little qualm or moral questions on using them on their enemies, of whom the United States is certainly the main one.


I know not what others may think but I know that for my money this Axis of Evil needs to be destroyed.


Child Victims


The last few days the headlines of many local papers have been about violent acts upon children.  A friend of my sent me a link (one can find it on the news and tidbits page) about a young girl that was twice raped and impregnated, buy the same man. This dirtbag is trying to say that because of certain laws concerning common law marriage he is innocent and cannot be prosecuted.  OUTRAGE!


A cantor in a very prominent Jewish Temple was recently indicted for sexually abusing his nephew and several other boys over the course of a few years.  Then he threatened them to gain their silence.  OUTRAGE!


Finally, an 11-year-old boy was stabbed on a rooftop in NYC, and left for dead, by a man that was running an extortion ring.  It was later revealed that this man was an ILLEGAL!  OUTRAGE!


Sorry but I have ZERO TOLERANCE for any of these people.  They should just be simply made to disappear.