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The Readers Soapbox
The Bluecollar Conservative

Your Thoughts and Letters

This is not an in-depth, political or brilliantly written piece on what to do now, what we should have done, or how to prevent future things like the NYC incident from happening again. This wonderful country even with all it faults, has experts for that. It is a letter from a Midwestern citizen in a small town and how I feel, and how this horrific tragedy has affected me, my family, my future, and how it has changed my life and the lives of thousands, millions, of others. It is an expression of greatest sympathy for all those countless innocent people who have lost their lives, and for their friends and loved ones. Everyone across the world has been hurt in some way by what has happened. If not directly by the death and destruction, then by the way this country is going to change, and it will change. Nothing is ever going to be the same again for any of us.

I weep, I grieve, I hurt. I got up this morning just as I went to bed last night, wondering what today will bring. What new horror will we find, or be told. What are we NOT being told? I suppose that is the question that bothers me the most. Yet I wonder, do I really want an answer to that question. I don't know.

Thinking seems to be centered on the words, "I dont know." People ask, "What do you think? " I don't know. My daughter asks, "Why did this happen Momma?" I don't know. Is it going to happen again? " I don't know. "Could they get us here?" I say "NO," but in truth I don't know. None of us know. The United States is in a perpetual state of "WE JUST DON"T KNOW."

God be with us all, GOD BLESS AMERICA. I pray that maybe out of this tragedy, we as Americans, will, like the Great Phoenix arise from the ashes of destruction, stronger and more beautiful than ever, and that the world as a whole will become ONE, not one nation, but ONE WORLD, undivided with liberty and justice for ALL. People living in harmony all over the world as God intended it to be.

Wanda S.
Kansas U.S.A.

December 22, 2001

What America Means to Me

Is Freedom to:
Believe in God or not
Worship or not
Pray or not
Own a Gun or not
Own several guns or not
Vote or not
Vote republican or not
Run for office of not
Support elected officials or not
Assemble with others or not
Read a book or not
Hate a book or not
Get married or not
Have children or not
Be politically correct or not
Put out a flag or not
Agree with Rush Limbaugh or not
Travel or not
Love my neighbor or not
Go to college or not
Tell the truth or not
Write an essay about America or not
Let Freedom Ring

Wanda S.
Kansas, USA

December 31, 2001
Just in the midst of reading your thoughts that you posted about the death
penalty. I have to say that I do agree with most of what you wrote. A
couple points though, that I would like to get clarification on. You said
that you support the death penalty in any case of murder? Right? Sorry, but
I don't think you can put things into such a black and white have
to take into account circumstances. Now I don't agree with taking the law
into your own hands, but there are some "vigilantes",(the father that killed
the person that kidnapped and raped his daughter), that I have to say I
don't blame their actions. Now maybe, he should be punished...but the death
penalty? Now about the crimes and violence that are associated with
drugs...don't you think that a lot of this is just all symptoms of a much
bigger problem? It seems that every year there are more and tougher drug
laws put into effect, and the outcome is only an increase in drug crime and
imprisonment...doesn't this kind of clue us in as to what we are doing isn't
working? Now, I am not saying that I have the answer to this problem,
because I don't. All I am saying is that we, as families, communities,
cities, even as countries have to start looking at the bigger picture. I do
like that you do favor the idea of trying to help out or give ex-convicts
opportunities, but unfortunately, at that point I think it is too late a lot
of the time.