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                                                                       January 12, 2003

                      I Stand By What I Meant To Say

I just read this morning that North Korea, has denied

admitting that they had admitted to having a nuclear program. Sounds like

CLINTON is running that spin; I can hear him now;


" Well it all depends on what the word admits means. Did we admit admitting

something or did we just say we admitted something?. In which case we didn't

admit anything, only said we said something>"


It is my suggestion that we take a page out of the Israeli play book and take out

those reactors now. THEN, and ONLY THEN we can talk to them. What I still find

most amazing of all is that people in this country seem to think that these

people are of little or no threat. I cannot imagine why do people living in N.

Korea need nuke power. They are starving peasants, (through no fault of their

own), living under a ruthless dictator. Many of them live in huts made of wood

and cowdung for goodness sakes.

With all the aid; Financial/Food/Technological, one would think they'd be doing

well. It just proves to me that liberal ideology, based on the assumption that

people are basically good is worthless. People are flawed. End of story. But I


As of this writing I am sure that the Bush administration is having others such

as China and Japan seeking a more diplomatic solution to this problem. Talk is

cheap, as the N. Koreans have already demonstrated. Actions speak louder than

words. So far they have spoken very loud by exiting the Non Proliferation

treaty, (to which they weren't adhering to), violating the agreement brokered by

the Clinton administration, and pretty much rattling a saber, all in the effort

to continue to get aid. If they were a sports team, I would say they were "trash


It is my opinion, and not a very popular one, that the nations of the world let

these folks starve, and die on the vine. Perhaps, somewhere in North Korea,

there is one person, with enough guts to realize that Kim Jung II is nothing

more than a thug, and begin an organized resistance. Perhaps these efforts can

even be backed by a form of covert opts from the United States. Better yet, how

about from the SOUTH Koreans? Both counties, North and South Korea, want

reunification, why not under a more democratic form of government? I believe

that it is up to the people there to realize that;

"Freedom is not free, it comes with a price."

Are there any left in this world, besides the USA, that realize this?