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This section is going to be for news articles that I read on the web. Some you will cheer, some you will jeer,and some will make you shake your head in dismay or amazement. Many will show the PC police, the elite left, the whacko enviromentals in the real light. And ocassionaly some will just make you laugh,,,I hope.

Just Click Below and good reading

Frontiers of Freedom November 01, 2001

September 17, 2002-Pedro Morales-Reno Gazzette-Journal

Newsmax October 07, 2002 11, 2002- LeBoutillier 11,2002-Jeff Johnson/

October 25, 2002-SFGate-Scott Sonner, Associated Press Writer

October 31,

Novemeber 02, 2002-Townhall.Com-David Limbaugh

November 06,

November 06,

November 06, part ll