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Photos From the Flyover Country
The Bluecollar Conservative

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Ok, this is me, Rich. For those of you that do not know me,which is probably a majority of you, I will give you some background on my life.
I am 49 years old and am currently a resident of Long Island, NY. (Lon Guylan, as the locals pronounce it). I was born and raised in NYC, but unlike most people here I do not have that "New Yawk" accent. This is not to say that it is not a unique accent, nor does it demean anyone in anyway. It's just that I don't have one. Never did, never will, sorry. As you can see in the picture to the right I have a family. They are my pride and joy. I have been a consevative most of my life. I realized early on that it was the tried and true that seemed to work best in my life. But enough about me, let me hear from you folks. There are some 270 million people in this country, come on, talk to me and let me know what you are thinking.


Jordan age 11
Justin age 14
Sara (aka, "evil baby") age 3
Jenny age 36
Picture was taken in Barlow, KY. Near, Jenny's home town of Paducah, Ky

As you can see we are just ordinary people like yourselves. This is why I encourage you to send your thouhts and your pictures.